La Filanda is an exclusive residence near Otranto, where hospitality and culture find their balance: it is a place open to “meet the author” events and photography courses, ready to dialogue with writers, artists, musicians and photographers. It is an author’s space, where the exchange becomes a treasure and an opportunity to the guest to get to know the area, also by including its most authentic voices.

The literary season was inaugurated by the writer Chiara Mezzalama, who presented at La Filanda her novel “Il giardino persiano”, the story of an East filtered by the eyes of two children, who live part of their childhood in a garden oasis in a Teheran in the early Eighties. “Weaving, cutting, sewing, threads are words, words that make up stories, written stories, told stories, stories once forgotten and then found again, the warp and weft. What a better place than a textile mill to weave words, “fare filò”, as it was once used to say when telling stories to deceive the long winter evenings? That’s what happened at LaFilanda in Casamassella, unraveling the threads of my novel, when the sense of storytelling became to me even more clear” says the author.



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